Jesus did What?

I understand that because of Jesus’ sacrifice I am restored in God’s sight. I also understand that this is done because Jesus is the ultimate sacrifice, he had no blemish of sin and he is both human and God. If the sacrifice of a sinless-human-God-being is not enough to restore the right connection between Creator and creation, then I do not know what else would.

It is hard for me to imagine that kind of love for people not even on earth yet. I would probably give my life for anyone I know is alive right now, but if someone were to ask me to die for another person that will not be born for another two hundred years I would politely decline. I know that God is God and God knew of me before there was a me, but it still is beyond my comprehension and it is hard to grasp. That reaching for understanding does not end frustration, it leads to adoration. I love Jesus for what he has done for me, my mother, my fiancé, my neighbor and the people I will never meet. The world has something in common. Jesus.

What I do not know about Jesus ranges. I do not know how his death atones for my sins. I do not know how he can be fully human and fully God. I do not know why he prayed if he was God. And I do not know why he chose to be a sacrifice for those who turn their backs on him.

I do know that his death atones for my sins. I do know that he was fully God and fully human. I do know that he prayed, which means I should as well. I do know that God loves us when we do not love him back.

I do not have to understand Jesus to know and love him. Anyway, if I could understand it all then God would not be very transcendent.


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  1. Susan Sidock · · Reply

    I love this one! Jesus is so awesome no wonder I love him so much.

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