The Trinity and a Blown Mind

The Trinity is a Beautiful thing. I think that the most valid thought on the Trinity is one that says God is one and that God is three. The three are equal to the one and the one is equal to the three. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are equals because God is the one. It might not make sense, and some would say it is irrational, but I would put forth the thought that it is beyond our reason, but not irrational. If we could fully understand God, what mystery would there be? Without mystery God would not be God.

The most Beautiful thing about the Trinity is that for the three to be equal and one, they have to indwell in one another. The Father dwells in the Son and the Spirit, the Son dwells in the Father and Spirit, and the Spirit dwells in the Father and Son. For this to work they would have to be continually loving and sacrificing to perform the will of the one. It is like how our relationships should be on this earth. A community of sacrificing lovers. So Beautiful. I do not fully understand how God works as a Triune God, but I believe he does. I have been told the best analogy of the relationship of the Trinity is a healthy marriage. Two separate beings, but in certain moments one flesh. Continually sacrificing for love of another.

If the Trinity is real, which I believe it is, then this means that the Trinity is eternal. This means that God is a relationship. He is fully a trinity and fully himself, but he has always been in a sacrificing, love relationship. How could he not create in such an expressive relationship as that? According to God’s character he almost would have to create. I love him for it.

I have read that “From day to day every detail of our creaturely existence continues to be constituted by the “Let there be’s” of the sovereign will of the Creator.” -Albert Wolters. This means that every second of existence you and I have is because the Triune God of love says so. What comfort! What joy to be had that the only reason the light is on is because God says so! The only reason the sun rises is because God says so. Existence is fully based on Him, time is in him and he surrounds time. God is mind blowing.

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