Why is the Pressure so Heavy?

Jesus says that to follow him is a hard road and an easy one, but what does he mean by this?

The hard road is obvious, and many people are distraught when it comes. I am. Jesus tells us we will be persecuted for his name’s sake. So what does that mean? The people around will scoff, criticize, tear down, spit on, judge, and hate the things you do and especially the reasons you do them. Case and point is Jesus himself. He did everything for the Father’s will and look what happened. He was beaten, nailed to a tree, and pierced in the side. What more? His own followers, the ones he called family, denied him, and turned him over to darkness. This kind of response is to be expected if you are a bearer of light. People will not understand your motives, your thought process, or your loves and they will despise you for it. Welcome to the outcasts.

The easy road? Well, think about it. Who has your back? God. Who is preparing a place for you? God. Who loves you more than anyone on this earth? God. Who is the one that called you and told you about the trials and still said, “it will be ok for I am with you”? God. It is encouraging to know that the creator of the very air you gasp in between sobs is the one rubbing your back and listening to your prayers. We are called light-bearers for a reason. Mankind is dark. For some reason God said, “here is my torch, go and bear it in that darkness where people will want to stomp on it and put it out. But its ok, because I have sent you and I am with you and I love you my child.”

Child of light. Be prepared to be hated. Be prepared to be hurt. Be prepared to be glorified and honored and justified.

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  1. Susan Sidock · · Reply

    I could listen to you all day long can’t wait till you’re in the pulpit.

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