You and The Neverending Story

Thinking about this movie, which most of us should do, is an amazing adventure in itself. If you have read the book, I have not and I apologize if the story is altered. The story is of a young boy, Bastian, which is a play on the word “bastion” which is interesting enough all on its own. Bastian is being chased by bullies and through happenstance comes across a book “The Neverending Story”. We can imagine that Bastian is tired of being bullied, tired of running, tired of being tired and wondering to himself “How do I fit in this story”. This may be something you ask yourself, and I know I have asked it. Where do I fit in this story? I ask God as I sweep my arms through my field of vision. Where do I fit in this world Lord? What character am I?

Through the course of the movie Bastain comes to realize that either the fantasy world in the book is real or the real world is a fantasy. At the end of the movie you see that the two worlds come together. As if there is a spiritual story going on behind this material story. Bastian learns that he has a real and important role in the story, without him nothing would be done and all of Fantasia would have been destroyed by the Nothing, or we can call it despair.

God has set us up in the same way, and like Bastian we are the conduits of action. The bastion, if you will, of hope for a dark world. So what is your role in the story? Read Genesis chapter 1! We are the image bearers of God. That is our identity and that identity is something that can never be taken away from us. If we are the bastion of His image, then no amount of darkness can dispel our hope. We are to battle the Nothing, despair, sin. Our characters are the heroes because God has made us thus. Of course Christ is the Shepherd of the heroes and we could not carry an ounce of light without Him, but (I am assuming if you are reading this you believe in Him who died for you) we do carry His light. Christ has brought the two parts of our world together whether we acknowledge it or not. There is a battle going on, Light against dark, and though dark will never win because it is not Light’s equal or greater, we are still under attack.

Is it not encouraging to know that we have roles? That we are important merely because He has made us like Him!

Bastian rejoices. So should we.


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