Am I Worthy?

To answer the question, simply, is a no. Neither are you.

This Sunday we were taking Communion, and the thought came to my mind, Lord I am not worthy to partake of this Supper. And, a voice, you can say it was my own consciousness, my inner-self, speaking in my mind, you could say it was the movement of the Holy Spirit, you could call me crazy…I’m not crazy, though, I don’t think, well, you might think it, but I don’t. This voice said, That is what this Supper is for. And I cried.

Our Pastor was then talking about Communion and he said to all of us, You must remember your place in the universe when taking Communion. Think about that a moment. God, the one and only God, who created this ever expanding universe, the God who holds said universe in the palm of his hand, also created us, and we rebelled, spat upon his face and told him, no. This very God, in return, said, we shall see. Then, after ordering human history in such a way, that through a certain people, he would send His Son to bring the rebels back to himself. Guess what we did, we rebelled, spat in His face and said, no. Oh yeah, then we hung Him to die upon a cross, but then we couldn’t wait so we pierced His side. And then God said, it is finished, grace now abounds, come my children, I have died in your place if you would only follow me, for none of you are worthy, for only I am worthy.

And there I was thinking, the bread in one hand, the cup in the other, while the rest of the congregation joined in the Supper at the same time. Pastor began to speak again and I had not eaten of the bread nor took a drink from the cup. Am I worthy? By no means! But, He is and  He says, If you love Me, obey Me. And elsewhere he says, Do this in remembrance of Me, take of the cup and of the bread.

I thought then to myself, crying, I love you Lord, I repent of my rebellion. And that voice, inaudible but pointedly present, crazy or not, it was there, said,

I love you too.


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  1. Susan Sidock · · Reply

    I read this and I cried. I love you too

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