Free Audiobook for April

Anyone with a fascination for history, and clear examples of God’s providence at will work will love The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom. This audiobook is a great narrative including humor, sadness, anger, sympathy, and the occasional sunken stomach due to danger. The Ten Booms were a Dutch family that owned a watch shop during World War II. This account recalls their struggles as Christians among a sinful world. They harbored anyone who came to their door, no matter who they were. Corrie’s father is man anyone could look up to, the faith of her sister is astounding in the face of the Nazi regime, and the rest of her family shows what it means to stand firm in the faith. They eventually do get arrested and the story never loses its tempo, its rhythm, or its ability to show the reader where God was protecting His children. The story is full of miracles that only the hand of God could have orchestrated. I recommend you listen with intent, and then listen again to this wonderful, and true, story.

The Hiding Place


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  1. Susan Sidock · · Reply

    Well said son I agree 100%

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