The Gorilla on the Couch

The bomb of Rob Bell’s Love Wins is still going off. The seminary I attend is attached to Cornerstone University, the President of CU is publishing the official CU response to Love Wins. On the seminary side, our esteemed professor of systematic theology, Dr. Michael Wittmer, has been commissioned to write a full text response to Love Wins. I spoke with him today, and he is already on chapter 10. The book will be out this month. Click here to see a preview of his book.

I cannot contribute to the discussion on a scale as these two men, but I can say what others have said. Others whom I hope you respect and adore.

“Almost every natural man who hears of Hell flatters himself that he shall escape it” — Jonathan Edwards


“If we despise the justice of God, then we are not Christians” — R.C. Sproul

I need not say more.

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