Things to Follow

I do not mean following as we would the Word, but I mean “follow” as in keep track of, or pay attention to.

The Gospel Coalition is a strong movement of evangelicals, and a great resource of “heavy hitters” in the Christian faith. I highly suggest you check out their site, and at least look upon a few blogs once a week.

If you are interested in a place with healthy resources, check out Desiring God. This organization is a ministry of John Piper and they offer many free resources including sermon series, and free PDF books. You can get Piper’s Desiring God text for free! What a treat.

The Resurgence is a movement to bring Christians back to orthodoxy, tradition, and a right reading of the Word. This is headed by Mark Driscoll and others and is definitely worth wandering the site for really good resources.

If you want to go deeper than most Sunday topical sermons, check out these men and women who have been studying the Word as diligently as some of us focus on our fantasy sports teams. Take advantage of the free resources, listen to a sermon when you could be watching tv, and enjoy the wisdom offered.


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