Busyness, Apologies, and Correct Orientation

To my two readers, I apologize for being gone for such a length of time. It has been rather busy in my life, and I need not go into much detail about that. This busyness is good busyness, so I do not mean to complain, I merely apologize for my neglect.

With that out of the way, I would like to comment briefly about what I have learned at the close of this semester. I am a student, if you have not gathered from my earlier posts, and being a student, with a part-time job, and a wife, makes the days go by rather fast. Since there are only 24 hours in a day, I tend to cut back on this or that, I might study enough to get a passing grade, or research enough to make it sound like I know what I am talking about, or study the Word for only a half-hour in a week (which means I would only spend .002% of my time, a week, reading the Word that I am dedicating my life to teach!).

Correct orientation is something I have learned (am learning), and this involves discipline. For example, the study of the Word of God in Greek and Hebrew is quite a bear (like the animal), and time consuming. Because of this I, sometimes, study what I know the professor is going to ask and barely dive into the meaning of the text. I have excuses. I did not learn English grammar in elementary, middle, or high school, nor in my four years of undergrad work in a Creative Writing program. Therefore, I m not quick to grasp the grammar of the Greek or Hebrew, and therefore I neglect it.
Did you catch what I neglect? The grammar? No, no, no, no I neglect the Word. How dare I. The original languages, the languages in which God used, through His people, to compose the Christian Canon, and I neglect it because of grammar.
Another example, I quit playing video games. My wife rejoices, my friends don’t. Correct orientation would lead me to assume that playing video games is not the most productive way to make the invisible Kingdom of God visible. I could read the Gospel of Mark, or play two hours of video games. I could study the overbearing grammar, or play two hours of video games. I could spend time with my lovely, patient, beautiful wife, or play two hours of video games. You catch my drift?

Correct orientation: I am devoted to my God. Pick up new habits, throw the old away.

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  1. Susan Sidock · · Reply

    I too need a little correct orientation 🙂 I do try to read the Word everyday I don’t always succeed 😦

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