I Found Internet and Other Things

So, my estimation of being gone for a week without the internet was mistaken. I am at a Christian retreat campus on the shore of Lake Michigan with poor cellphone reception and poor wifi, but I’m managing considering. I will not be able to post concerning men and women as I wanted to, because I do not have the time to really work into the Ephesians passage as I would like, so that will have to wait.

But, I did come across an interesting conversation, or rather it came it to me. I was sitting in a cushy chair and folks around me began to talk about eschatology (a fancy word for the study of the end times) and they were making jokes and teasing Camping’s failed prediction of the end of the world on May 21st. I can joke about it too, but I began to think about it more when the people around me said things like this, “Jesus better not come back yet, I’m not married!” or “Jesus better not come back yet, I’m not ordained!” or “It’s fine with me if Jesus comes back, then I won’t have to pay off my debt!”

My internal dialogue was reeling and I wanted to scream, “The hope of a Christian is the return of Christ!” Though I did not yell. I began to feel pity for Camping and his followers who hoped that Jesus would come back. We may tease them because the Bible says no person knows when it will happen (Mark 13:32). Though, I feel as though we should admire their hope. I’m thinking of the people around me that elevate marriage, or ordination above the fulfillment of redemption, namely, the return of our Lord and Saviour.
When we elevate our own ambition above the promise of the Word, I fear we have stepped into the realm of idolatry or self-worship. When, in fact, we should believe like the “fanatics” that Christ is coming, and anxiously wait his return.

Read these passages and truly reflect upon correct worship and hope. May we come to realize our sin and repent.
Matthew 24:43-44
Luke 12:39-40
1 Thessalonians 5:2-4
2 Peter 3:3-18
Revelation 3:3



  1. You have a great point. At least for Camping and all the others… it’s not the end of the world…

  2. Susan · · Reply

    good point son the hope is His return

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