Sovereignty and Comfort

I have been confronted lately with the issue of belief. That my belief could be damaging, that belief in this way or that way is not sufficient, that having these thoughts about this issue is pointless without action, and on and on.

Two things.
One is that when it comes to the Bible, you must let the Word of God interpret your life, not your life interpret the Word of God. The Christian worldview determines the way we think about our past, live in the present, and hope in the future. Sin cannot interpret the holy Word, it is the other way around. C.S. Lewis wrote, “I believe in Christ like I believe in the sun–not because I can see it,  but by it I can see everything else.”

Two. Beliefs, thoughts, are indeed action guiding. You can determine much from what a person believes because of their thoughts and passions lead them to action. Beliefs are action guiding. What guides your action?

Ok, maybe a third thing, in reference to the title. I believe in the sovereignty of God. My life is in His hands. Nothing happens to me without His guiding hand, good or ill, though I know that all things work together for my benefit (Scripture tells us so). Thus, my belief that God is sovereign, guides my actions. I am comforted when I face adversity. I am comforted when I recognize my sin and repent. I am comforted when things do not go the way I desire. I am comforted when I am blessed, when all seems right. Belief in the all encompassing sovereignty of God allows me trust in His goodness in all aspects of life, past, present and future.
I am guided by my trust in His love.
Love the Lord. Trust in His Love. Study the Word He has given us.


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  1. I love the way you think. I can only hope to learn, love, and trust like you

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