For All The “Men” Out There…And The Ladies Too

This is a sermon my wife and I listened to last week and the importance of it cannot be missed. This sermon is for directed at men, but as Pastor Adam explains, it is a sermon for everyone. I wish that I had heard biblical truths like this seven years ago when I started dating Erin. It is my prayer that men become godly men and women become godly women and I know that the truths expressed in this message is a step toward holiness.
You may think, I don’t have 45 minutes to listen to a sermon. Where is your computer? In the office? Press play, turn the volume up and clean your office. Do you have a 20 minute drive to work? Download the audio and burn it to a disc (or if you are more techie, put it on an mp3 player) and listen to it to and from work. Do you have a girlfriend, fiance, or wife? Boyfriend, fiance, or husband? Shut off the television and do something meaningful! Like sitting together and listening to this sermon.

Click here to listen to the sermon titled “The Gospel-Driven Husband”

Here is the video

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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