Have You Been Shamed or Ashamed?

You should probably watch this video twice. John Piper lays out the difference between being shamed for the Gospel and being ashamed of the Gospel in convicting terms and in his usual fashion. I commend this video to you, the truth from Scripture presented in it, I pray will encourage you as it has me. I have listened to this multiple times, and each time Pastor Piper refocuses my attitude. We do not need to be afraid or ashamed of the Gospel, the Gospel gives us strength and courage. Be as bold as a lion, and as gentle as a lamb. Do not be ashamed of what Jesus Christ has done for you.



  1. Brian Algie · · Reply

    Listened to it once and will be listening to it again to try to grasp the fullness of it! Thanks for the video post!!

  2. beautifully said

  3. e stave
    Very lovely article, bye.

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