What is Halloween? What is the Christian Response?

First thing to note, I do not feel qualified in the history of pagan religions to accurately answer the origins of Halloween, but I do know it stems from an ancient seasonal festival called Samhain. This festival was a commemoration of summer turning to winter, of light receding and darkness approaching. Overtime, much time, it developed into what we have today.

What is the Christian response? I suggest caution. The majority of people in America, Christian or not, celebrate Halloween for candy and fun. Which is all fine and well. A Christian must take careful note at the motives behind the celebration and certain implications of celebrating an originally pagan ritual. Like anything in our culture, we must be careful and search for aspects of Halloween to be redeemed. I have found two blogs by some guys much more qualified than me to answer and to dig into Halloween and Christianity. They are not lengthy histories, and they do not condemn the practice of Halloween outright. I recommend that you read both of these blogs before celebrating what you think is just about “candy and games.”

The first blog is titled “What Christians Should Know About Halloween” by Justin Holcomb. Click here.

The second blog is “Christianity and the Dark Side–What About Halloween?” by R. Albert Mohler Jr. Click here.

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