The Rising Christian Rap

I admit that I do not have a particular affinity for rap music. The popular rap, heard often on secular radio, breeds a culture that mimics the lyrics presented. From the rap that I have paid attention to, the lyrics are not always wholesome, nor healthy for the ear or the mind. Granted, rap artists are talented and I do not mean to diminish the hard work, the life struggles, nor the desperation and hope often felt in rap, it is just that I have rarely ever heard rap music that is presented as worship to God and His son Jesus Christ.

Having worked in a Christian bookstore for the past 7-ish months, I have had plenty of opportunities to dabble in the music department and I have realized that there are indeed Christian rap artists (no surprise there!). Some of them are really good. Being exposed to rap music, that has at its center the glory of God, is beginning to change my mind about styles of music. I still wretch when I hear country though.

I mention in the title that Christian rap is on the rise, and I believe it is. Being white, and Reformed, I do not come in contact with much diversity, but this is being remedied. There has been a push for diversity among Reformed Evangelicals, and I am enjoying it. I would like to show you what I mean. There are a few links below, some are video, some are articles. Please click these and see what is happening among your fellow brothers and sisters. I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I have.

This first video is with three Christian rap artists, Trip Lee, Eric Mason, and Lecrae, discussing Christian Hip-Hop.

The next video is with the three gentlemen mentioned above, but this time they are discussing what is commonly referred to as the “white man’s theology,” namely Reformed theology, and how that can be integrated into black cultures. I had not thought of this issue before seeing this video, and it leaves room for plenty of discussion.

Tim Challies, a pastor/blogger/author in Canada has recently written a little article about Christian Rap, and much like myself, is being swayed. A couple things to note, he links in his blog to another article, read it, and he has a video attached at the bottom of the blog, enjoy it.

There is more to come, maybe in a later post, but this is enough for now. Please take a moment to listen to the video below. If I were to have a mind that thought in lyrical rhyme like this I would have been able to ace my systematic theology exams!


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  1. I think you get the country wretching from me 🙂

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