Free Audiobook

This month’s free audiobook from is by Jerry Bridges, Trusting God: Even When Life Hurts. I have not read this book so I will supply what I have heard and read about it. Out of 73 reviews on Amazon, this book maintains a 5 star rating. Christian Book Distributors writes this about the content of the book, “Does trusting God come easily to you—until adversity strikes? Amid troubles and tribulation, do you sometimes doubt whether he really cares? Exploring three essential truths about God—his complete sovereignty, his infinite wisdom, and his perfect love—Bridges shows you how to rely on God implicitly in every circumstance. 240 pages, softcover from NavPress.” I find this an intriguing little description because of the qualification of “every.” When I scooted over to NavPress’s website I found out that this book came out of Jerry Bridges’ own personal struggle in a time of severe anguish, which means this author is not writing a book about things he can only think about, but rather he is writing because he has been there (see my previous post on the difference between sympathy and empathy!).

So, go ahead and download this book, put it on your ipod, on a cd, or whatever you have. Listen and enjoy and may you be encouraged in God’s sovereignty.


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