The Ten Words

Our pastor has just led us through the 10 Commandments (the Decalogue). He finished the sermon series yesterday and what a great journey! If you want to listen to his sermons click here. Our pastor has taught us, biblically, that the Ten Commandments in Exodus 20 are not forgotten and are not void. In fact, being saved by grace through faith means that the Law of God is applicable to the life of a Christian. The Law is not about legalism for the Christian, but it is the means by which we live godly lives, the means by which we please the God who saves us. There is a book I highly recommend for anyone who would like to study the 10 Commandments in the Christian life. The book is authored by Joachim Douma (he is Dutch), and it is titled, Ten Commandments: Manual for the Christian Life. Pastor’s sermons and Douma’s book point to the fact that the Ten Commandments are full of, “shall nots,” but by being full of “shall nots” we know what we “shall do.”

I would like to sum-up the Ten Commandments from what I have gathered from Pastor. This by no means does justice to the sermons nor Douma’s book (so listen and read!).

If I were to summarize the 10 Commandments I would do it like this:

“I am your God. I have saved you from slavery and claimed you as my own. I have done everything for you to exhibit my glory. I am the only God and you will not worship anyone, or thing, besides me. I have done all of this and therefore you will worship me on my terms.”

“No one can see me and live, therefore do not capture me in an image for this is false. When you pray to me, do so with your eyes closed. I am not a tree. I am not statue of stone. Nor am I a painted picture. I am your God, and I am jealous. When you worship something besides me you are really worshiping the devil and his demons. These are my terms and you will be blessed if you follow them.”

“My name is holy, therefore take care how you use it. If you slander my name, I will hold you guilty. When those use my name as a curse, it is because they do not mean anything by it, and there is their sin. But you, you know my name and all I have done for you, so keep it holy.”

“Remember the Sabbath day. Just as I have rested and enjoyed creation, so too must you rest and enjoy what I have done for you. Spend the day with me and you will be richly rewarded.”

“Respect your parents, even when you think they do not deserve it. Where would you be without them? I chose them to be your parents, respect them, honor them. This is for the betterment of your home, and who knows, you may win them to repentance.”

“I give life. Without me there would be nothing. All life is mine, either aged beyond years, or still yet in the womb. Do not take it for that is not your duty. I give life and take it away, not you. Did you choose to live? No, I chose for you. Therefore do not take another’s life.”

“A husband and wife are one flesh, do not separate what I have joined together. Men train your eyes to gaze upon the beauties of your wife alone. If you are not married protect your eyes and save them for your future wife. Women be modest and do not allow your fellow brothers to fall into temptation, protect yourself and your neighbor by remaining pure. The marriage bed must remain undefiled, enjoy one another all the days of your life.”

“When you steal it is as though you take from someone’s life. I gave you the ability to work, the capacity to create, and in me you will find enjoyment by the use of your hands. Do not take what another has earned. Honor one another. When you are in need do not doubt the graces of my hands, I will provide for you.

“Tell the truth about your neighbor. May it be known that my people are honest. You know who is the father of lies? Satan. The father of lies is a murderer. Do not murder with your tongue. Be encouraging to one another, let those outside know you are mine by the use of your tongue.”

“Do not desire what another person has, this is a disregard of the blessings I have poured out upon you. Are my gifts not good enough? I will care for my children. I have numbered the hairs on your head, I dress the lilies of the field, and I do not let a sparrow fall unless it is my good will. You have everything you need because it comes from my hand, be satisfied in me and content.”

Please, don’t take my words above as Scripture, go read it for yourself. Exodus 20.1-20. My words are mere thoughts upon what God has said, His words are the authority. I hope that maybe something I said above will interest you enough to listen to a sermon, or read a book, or study your Bible. Have you ever wondered why God gave us these Ten? Why not eleven, or nine? What is so important about these that have lasted thousands of years?


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  1. Nice Jonah very nice 🙂

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