Gravitate Sanguinem

I hope you enjoyed holy week. And I hope that you had plenty of time to contemplate the risen Lord and how the empty tomb changes everything. If you did not have the opportunity to listen to an Easter sermon, or maybe you did but it was horrible, I recommend you click here and listen to some good preaching. The tile of the sermon is, “The first Day of Forever.”

I would like to share something I wrote in my journal from Maundy Thursday.

On Maundy Thursday we celebrated the Last Supper of Christ by partaking in Communion. The bread was a bit stale, which is not a complaint, and in its hardness it drew out from the cup too much of the grape juice. The excess juice had nowhere to go, so it began to run down my right hand. My left hand darted over to catch the juice before it dropped to the ground. As I brought the bread, drenched in the blood of grapes, to my mouth, I saw the purple crimson stain upon my hands. In solemn prayer, with a sense of gravity I had not felt in a long while, I ate the body and the blood of Christ in the presence of the Father by the power of the Holy Spirit.

When I sat down my hands were still covered in the drying liquid. I felt as though I should not remove this symbol of blood from my hands, for it exceedingly appropriate. Among the reasons Christ went to the cross, one in particular was burned into my mind: he went to suffer the death of a sinner. But having never sinned, how could he be punished in such a way? Christ was punished in this way by taking from the world upon himself. the blood on my hands is Christ’s blood.

Christ received the punishment from God which I ought to receive, his blood was let because of my sin, his death came by the wrath of God which I deserve, and this bit of bread and that bit of juice is a devastating marker for the church. The blood of the righteous is upon my hands because I am unrighteous. By this covering of blood God sees righteousness upon me. The blood that covers us is not the blood of a sinner, but the blood of the only true righteous one. Thank you Jesus.


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  1. I understand why we call good friday good friday now but now i’m thinking it should be called Great Friday! 🙂

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