Sense? You Won’t Find Any

I have been thinking about a response to the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado. With  59 injured and 12 dead (that means he shot 71 people), and a sin-shackeled young man who claims to be ‘The Joker’, I find myself at a loss for words really. If I was a pastor in Aurora I would weep in the pulpit.

But the big question remains, Why? Why did this 24-year-old burst into a theater with tear gas and an arsenal of weapons killing men, women, and children? I don’t know. James Holmes, though fully responsible for his actions, probably doesn’t know either.

What I do know from this massacre is that sin is pervasive in this land so many think is “under God”. I know that sin is rebellion against the Giver of Life. And I am also firmly certain that sin does not make sense.

Sin is a complete distortion of every good gift from God. Think of a husband committing adultery. Why would a man throw away the second most important covenant, the one that represents Christ and the church to the world, for a simple physical or emotional release? It does not make sense.

When the media and bloggers (like myself) start to ask the Why? question, we must remember that we live in a fallen world. Fallen means that we are on a one-way road in the opposite direction of God’s moral will. Fallen means we are not able to choose good (not able not to sin). Fallen means we are rebels that are lead by a greater evil than ourselves. Fallen means the world hates God and thoroughly enjoys it. Fallen means all of this and more, unless God himself moves upon you.

I recommend not looking for the “sense of it all” when we are confronted with situations like this. There is none to be found. The reality is that there is a ruler of this present world, and the ruler loves the darkness and confusion.

Sin is so bad that God, in Jesus Christ, came to ensure salvation from it for His people. You see, we cannot overcome sin alone. We cannot overcome sin by ‘partnering’ with God. Christ died not to make salvation possible, but to make it certain. This means that sin is still rampant until the day our Lord comes back.

There are people more educated and apt to respond to this situation than myself and you can read what they have to say about it by clicking the following links.

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