Time? What Time?

It has been quite some time since my last blog post. I would say that I have good reasons, and in my mind I do, but primarily, I blame the clock. The minutes and hours pass by unhindered and without my knowledge most of the time. So, before we begin another year of blogging and discussion about God, His grace, His Son, our sin and so on, I figured it would be appropriate to share what has transpired from my last post until now.

Our son was born…and I have learned a few things.

This is Judah at the hospital.

This is Judah at the hospital.

  • No matter what “it” is, it is never done.
  • Parents live in a constant state of tired, we get used to it, I hope.
  • God is amazing.
  • Moms are 10x tougher than Dads (I know, I was in the operating room).
  • New facets of the Gospel open in my heart and mind as I experience fatherhood.
  • Rearing a child calls for utter selflessness (no matter how tired, or cranky, you are, you get out of bed!).
  • There is so much to pray for.
  • Service, in marriage and parenthood, is a primary means of showing grace and love.

I finished my Master’s Degree…and I have learned a few things.

  • After 7 and half years of “higher education” I am a bit intimidated to leave academia.
  • Seminary is often called “cemetery” and those who do so are completely wrong. 
  • I am thankful for my wife, who continues to work diligently until the Lord brings us to a church.
  • It will be a day of mixed emotions when we leave Grand Rapids.

I fell down a flight of stairs at 3:30am…and I learned something.

  • It hurt.

I have been interviewing with churches for a full-time job…and I have learned a few things.

  • Churches move slowly, and understandably so. 
  • It is exciting to meet God’s people in various places in the country.
  • My son may be the most well traveled infant I know.
  • Being a pastor is not ultimately about my abilities or knowledge, but about God’s calling.
This is Judah around Christmas

This is Judah around Christmas

Did I mention that our son was born?

  • My new favorite thing is watching my wife be a mother, they are beautiful moments.
  • As my father-in-law says, “You don’t know how much your parents love you, until you have a child of your own,” and he certainly is right!
  • You also learn something new about God’s love for His Son, when you have a child of your own.
  • People always told me how tired I would be, but they failed to mention how protective I would be.
  • Having a family (marriage and children) is one of the grand proofs of God’s existence.

Time? What time? This little post took me three hours to write, but they were good hours.


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