Books and Free Books

I have posted this before, but now having read most of them, I would like to recommend them to you again. R.C. Sproul’s Crucial Question series is free in digital format. I have these loaded on my iPhone and iPad and I read them whenever get a chance, waiting in line, waiting for the next meeting to start, etc. I have finished five of these booklets this way and they have been rather beneficial. If you would like all 14 of them, click here.


The Duties of Parents by J.C Ryle is a sobering look at the position of parents to rear their children in the faith. I was thoroughly broken and built up by this book. Ryle’s words are convicting by calling out the deficiencies in my own parenting, and yet he also brings great encouragement to those who struggle to bring the God of the covenants to their children. I am certain this will be a book I read every year. This book is short, pithy, and powerful. I recommend it, of course, to all parents, grandparents, and those who aspire to be parents. You can purchase this book here.


Those over at Desiring God have also put together a list of fourteen free ebooks. I have read a few of the shorter books on missionaries and I highly encourage you to read of these suffering saints. It is always emboldening to read of the strength God has given His people. I particularly liked to read about Adoniram Judson. Aside from the books on missionaries, Piper offers a book on listening to sermons (much needed in most of our churches!), a booklet on marriage, and even one on disabilities and God’s sovereignty. IT is a smattered collection of ebooks, but I am sure that there are at least a few that relate to you in some way. You can download them all here.


One to One Bible Reading by David Helm is immensely practical. I started reading this book when I boarded an airplane, and I finished it before we left the tarmac…delayed…Delta. Anyway, this book focuses on the importance of disciples making disciples by the power of the Holy Spirit through the use of God’s Word. I would find myself writing in the margin things like this, “Duh! Why didn’t I think of this!”. Helm, a pastor, holds to a high view of Scripture, but this does not mean that Scripture is beyond our understanding and he lays out methods and modes of study for edification. This little book would help folks on a one-to-one basis, as the title suggests, but the methods can also apply to larger scale study, like a small group Bible study. Get this book, find someone to read the Bible with, and put Helm’s suggestions to work. You can buy this book here.

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