Here’s an App, There’s an App

Having had some sort of “smart” technology for the past few months and coming into occasional contact with another person with the same, I thought it may be prudent to share some apps that I commonly use. At certain points throughout the passing weeks I have had moments of sharing apps that have benefited me and others have done the same. So, here is a list of my most commonly used apps.  I use iOS devices, but my wife has a Droid and many of the apps are on both platforms.

  • Solid Joys is a well designed, simple, devotional app from Desiring God ministries. It takes me less than five minutes to read this everyday.

  • You version Bible is the most downloaded Bible app available, and it has many useful features including audio Bible and reading plans.

  • Feedly news aggregator is a news resource that you can customize. It will bring you the news you want based on your preferences and most read news resources. I also use, News 360 and FlipBoard.

  • Faithlife Study Bible is probably the best free study Bible app available. There is enough for the academically curious, but also insightful enough for the everyday churchgoer.

  • Logos Bible is wonderful if you have a Logos account and library. I can link my resource library from my computer to the app and have my Greek and Hebrew studies in my pocket.

  • DropBox, Google Drive, Sky Drive, and Box, are all cloud storage apps that sync with any computer that you log on to. I use these daily.

  • Pocket is the kind of app I enjoy for its simplicity. I use this app if I see a news article, or blog post that I want to read later. I click “save to Pocket” and the article goes right into this app and I can read it when I have the time.

  • Evernote is an ever-improving note taking app, but it is also much more than a note taking app. Spend some time learning how to use Evernote and you won’t go back to anything else. I use this for work at the church, meetings, grocery lists, house renovations, and you can even photo capture hand written notes with high readability.

  • Christian Creeds and Reformed Confessions is essential for the pastor and church member. This app is full of historic creeds and confessions. Get it.

  • BibleMinded is an app put out by the American Bible Society to help with memorization. I use this to help memorize benedictions and other passages of Scripture. You can even set up daily reminders to alert you to study your verse or passage. It is a very clean and easy to use app.

These, of course, are not the only apps I use, but they are the most used apps on my iPhone and iPad. I am also slightly opposed to paying for apps, although I have realized there are some astounding apps that can be purchased, see some here. What apps do you use?


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  1. Thanks for the kind words about the FaithLife Study Bible and the Logos Bible app! (Logos is my employer).

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