Audiobook of the Month

The free audiobook of the month from is The Cross and the Switchblade by David Wilkerson. I have not read/listened to this book although I am aware of the slight Pentecostal underpinnings that an astute reader will catch. For example, the theology, incorrect in my view, that the baptism of the Holy Spirit is something that happens to a believer after salvation. Some Pentecostals require two forms of baptism for salvation, one with water, and one with the Spirit. I am not aware, however that Wilkerson advocates this strong of a position, but nevertheless you should be aware of this thinking as you read this book. These theological notions aside, this looks like a great book about the Gospel of reconciliation changing the hearts of depraved gang members in New York. I look forward to reading this book and seeing how God has acted in history to save His people. Here is a brief description,
“The astonishing true story of Wilkerson’s outreach to New York teens trapped by drugs and gangs. Gang-fighters! Drug addicts! Teenage runaways and prostitutes! The toughest and most hopeless kids that New York’s ghettos had to offer. Then a young preacher from the Pennsylvania hills arrived on their turf and began preaching a message of renewal, miracles, and God’s love. This is one of the century’s great true stories.”

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