A Year Gone By

Judah Air TimeYesterday was my son’s birthday (we went to the zoo, he likes giraffes). My wife and I were awake at the time of his birth, 12:04am, driving from Michigan to Wisconsin, with our little bear in the backseat sleeping. This obviously left room for reflection on the year that has gone by too fast. Our son, along with his mother and I, have experienced dramatic shifts in life in the past 365 days. First, we gained a son. Then I graduated seminary, received a call to First Reformed in Wisconsin, my wife quit her job where she made good friends, I was ordained, we packed up the family and moved six hours from friends and family and our church (not too far, but it feels like it sometimes), rented a condo, bought a house, moved again, etc. etc. etc. I would like to share a few thoughts from a recovering busy-man.

Time is a commodity we can never get back. It is more precious than money. We can generate money, we cannot generate time. Use it wisely.

God has great patience for His obstinate children…if we are in any sense like rebellious one-year old babes…

Motherhood is an astounding, beautiful calling that is highly underrated in our culture and often in our churches, and the Bible has more to say about it than we often think.

The Bible is necessary every day. This magnificent, God-breathed book does not say something about everything, but it has something to say about everything…you know what I mean.

Family worship is a difficult discipline to maintain. Failure here is in direct relation to headship (I am preaching to myself here), men stand up and bring Christ to your family every day.

Sin is sad and stupid. Even in a little child I see the effects of pollution in disobedience and rebellion, and it is painful to see as his father. Praise the Lord for the grace of the Gospel I can share with my children.

Busyness is deadly. Kevin DeYoung writes, “Be killing busyness, or busyness will be killing you” and he is right (so was John Owen). I have realized that I can add everything to my to-do list, but not everything deserves my attention. Responsibilities and priorities deserving deep thinking.

365 days in a year is too short. The realization that my wife and I potentially only have seventeen years left with our son in our home (Lord willing) is a depressing thought. This has made me think that I have to make the best use of my time with my son: to prepare him to be a godly man, to teach him what a godly husband looks like, how to treat women, how to read Scripture, how to honor God, how to learn, how to think, how to defend the faith, how to talk with unbelievers, to teach him about history, mathematics, literature, imagination, dragons and the Great Victory of the Lamb, show him how to pray, to teach him how to listen to sermons, to respect and honor his mother, to be as wise as a serpent and as innocent as a dove…seventeen years does not seem like enough. Hopefully our home will always be a garden of grace for the refuge of our children.

Reflection on life, with an eye to God’s sovereignty, brings great comfort during struggles. God certainly uses hardship to make us holy. Praise be to God that He has a plan for evil and suffering (Genesis 50:20). I could not imagine a world without a sovereign God.

Finally, I am insufficient for the task before me: husband, father, pastor. But our God is good, He draws straight with crooked lines, He uses imperfections for His glory, and His grace is sufficient for all things.


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