A Smattering of Goodies

Pornography is sinfully grotesque and increasingly pervasive. Here are three important articles. The first shows us how pornography like a drug, habit forming, and full of addiction is the new narcotic. This second post has twenty-four reasons to hate pornography, and the third post is an argument to take back your brain from the destructiveness of pornography. If this sin is a struggle for you, I recommend that you take the time to purchase and read Sexual Detox by Tim Challies.

I posted a book review of Kevin DeYoung’s book Crazy Busy and if this topic interests you because you are…well, crazy busy, take 30 minutes and listen to Kevin DeYoung talk about his book at the Reformed Forum.

Along the same lines of being crazy busy, here is a helpful post on 7 Sabbath Killers.

Jeremy Walker at Reformation21 has started a series on personal evangelism. This is something we all struggle with, unless you are Billy Graham. The introductory article  gives an encouraging bit of information, “no special gift or formal training is a requirement for effective personal evangelism.” The coming articles from Walker are attempts to show some characteristics of personal evangelism. First up is love.

Enjoy this video of Kevin DeYoung interviewing his children on busyness.


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