A Smattering of Goodies

I was thinking about posting the Cyber Monday deals I found, but I figured there were enough bloggers doing that to compensate for me. However, there are some goodies out there for you today. For example:

Check out Keith Mathison’s book, A Reformed Approach to Science and Scripture. It is free all month, but no harm in getting it now. This book addresses some contemporary science, such as evolution and the age of the earth, and looks at the creation account of Scripture, so if you are interested in this discussion, as we all should be, I recommend reading this book.

Here is another free book if you have Logos Bible Software by Horatius Bonar, How Shall I Go to God. You can download the shell of Logos on your computer, or smartphone or tablet and add a free book every month (I recommend it).

Also, for the family, be sure to read this on Family Worship. It is very important, and here is a book to prove it, A Neglected Grace.

And check out John Piper’s newest poem, The Calvinist (give it a second listen), and download his newest book, Five Points.



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