Choose Your Weapon

2014 is right there coming at you. For many of us Christians we look ahead to the new year with trepidation because of the moral revolution occurring in our country and in the world. But, God has called us not to fret over this, for He is sovereign and will see that what is best for His children gets done. For a little encouragement read this. Paul tells the church in Colossae that the Gospel they heard, which I pray is the Gospel you know, is in the world bearing fruit and growing (Colossians 1:6). This is apostolic optimism based upon Matthew 28:18-20 and John 16:33 and other such magnificence. In light of this, it is crucial that as we walk into the year the Lord is bringing, we obey Him in the proper way. To obey Him we must have His law upon our hearts, and despite what you may think this is not hocus pocus where the law magically scribbles itself on your inner most being. Rather, the law on our hearts takes work, it takes time, it takes study and commitment (Psalm 1). God has given us His Word to be used, and the Word is His choicest weapon against sin and rebellion out there and in here. So, take up your weapon, that leather bound beauty with gilded edges and dedicate to practice battle with it everyday. Do this daily, not so that God will be more pleased with you, but that you will be more pleased in Him.

Here are some reading plans to kick start your daily battle routine.

Peter Krol writes a nice blog about Bible reading plans and the importance of actually reading the Bible above other literature. His goal every year is to not read anything else until he finishes the Bible, a good goal.

As always, Ligonier has listed numerous reading plans for you to choose from, many of them downloadable and printable.

Crossway has put together a nice list of Bible reading plans here.

And finally, here is a reading plan that I had not thought of before, devoting yourself to a deeper understanding of the Gospels. Sounds like fun.

If you use a digital device you probably already have the YouVersion Bible App which has bunches and bunches of Bible reading plans within the app itself. And the app gently reminds you to keep up with the plan you chose and rewards you with meaningless digital badges, yipee. Also, here is a cool infographic to show you the impact this Bible app has had globally.


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