Plethora of Podcasts

With technology increasing and multiple technological platforms communicating all at once, information has become a burden. There is simply too much. Rather than waiting until 5pm to get the news, we get information as soon as it happens wherever it happens to happen. So, for those curious as to what information resources I use and how I manage my time with it (which probably is not as disciplined as it should be), I decided to start with podcasts. I listen to some daily, and some weekly, and the information contained in them is broad and deep. So, here we go.

The daily podcasts I listen to are The Briefing by Albert Mohler Jr., which is a daily analysis of news and events from a Christian worldview. Immensely helpful in understanding what is going on in the world, and our nation, and how to respond as a Christian. This podcast is short, usually less than 20 minutes, and entirely worth your time. The other daily podcast is Renewing Your Mind with R.C. Sproul. Reformed exegesis from Sproul, I need not say more.

Weekly podcasts I listen to are Ask Pastor John, which is usually less than ten minutes. In this podcast Pastor John Piper receives a question from the public at large and then gives his answer. It is helpful because he reasons from Scripture and usually gives helpful applications. I also listen to Christ the Center from Reformed Forum. This is a great resource when it comes to dialogue about the historic reformed faith, usually about an hour. The Dividing Line with Dr. James White is a Reformed Baptist program that focuses on apologetics in two areas: defending the Reformed tradition and defending Christianity. White engages Muslims, Roman Catholics, Mormons, and others. Some discussion are a bit thick, but this program is quite helpful. He also addresses current events from a Christian worldview. 5 Minutes in Church History is exactly what the title suggests, so go for it! The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals has a weekly podcast called Mortification of Spin. This podcast is richly sarcastic, and quite to the point. The hosts cover a range of topics worthy of your listening ears. The White Horse Inn is also not to be neglected. This program focuses on the reformed tradition and consistent exegesis of the Scriptures. It is hosted by Michael Horton and a few others whom address some challenging topics, like this one. Lastly, on a weekly basis I listen to Unbelievable which is from the UK. This program is hosted by Justin Brierley and he usually moderates debates between Christians and those who are not Christian (Atheist, Mormon, Muslim, etc.). This program is quite interesting, especially when you realize what is going on across the pond.

Also on a weekly basis I listen to sermons. Yes, even preachers need to be preached to. I have in my podcast line up University Reformed Church (Pastor Kevin DeYoung), Christ Church of Moscow, Idaho (Pastor Douglas Wilson), Trinity Reformed Church (Pastor Toby Sumpter), Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church (Pastor Steve Wilkins) and Peace Reformed Church (Pastor Adam Barr).

On a monthly basis, or however often it shows up, I listen to Thinking in Public with Albert Mohler Jr. Here, Dr. Mohler interviews the world’s leading movers and shakers in theology and in culture. He interviews a wide range of people with diverse worldviews. It is an enlightening program and I have benefited from each one so far.

I know that seems like a ton, but we have to remember the exhortation of Paul to make the best use of our time (Ephesians 5:15-16). I find time to listen to these things in many places because I have them on my phone and my tablet. I walk to work often which gives me time and when I drive I do not listen to music. In my office I usually have one of these podcasts on in the background. I also listen while I am shoveling the driveway or mowing the lawn. When I am in the den in my home playing with my son we are usually listening to a sermon. There are many places and times that you can sneak in something good for you. So, go ahead, redeem the time God has given you.



  1. Great list Jonah! I also enjoy a lot of these. The Briefing and The Diving Line are my “always” podcasts. I try to catch up on Unbelievable and Thinking In Public when I have a chance. I will have to check out Wages of Spin sometime. Lately, I’ve also been enjoying the Wretched Radio “Segment of the Day.” It’s fun, and surprisingly solid, as goofy as Todd Friel is.

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