A Bounty of Blogs

This post is related in content to my previous Plethora of Podcasts where I highlighted podcasts I listen to regularly. In this post I would like to direct you to some wonderful blogs. I am going to list a bunch, a bounty, of them but I have to put forth this caution: blogs are consuming. You can spend much of your time reading blogs, some good to be sure, but some not so good. Among the ones I list, I hope that they are well written, biblically sound, and God honoring. I also have to make the side note that I do not read all of these blogs everyday, I don’t have time for that and I am sure you do not either. However, there are a select few that I do read everyday, so let me start with those.

The blogs I read daily (if the author’s publish today!) are as follows: DeYoung, Restless, and Reformed authored by Pastor Kevin DeYoung. If you read my previous post you would also notice that I listen to his sermons weekly. DeYoung is the most well known pastor in the RCA due to his affiliation with The Gospel Coalition and Together for the Gospel and his numerous books. I thank the Lord for this man’s popularity (and no, I don’t think that is a bad thing). In a similar vein, I read Douglas Wilson every day over at Blog & Mablog. In the recent year Pastor Wilson has heavily influenced my thinking and understanding of the Scriptures and the role of men and women in God’s covenant. His books and audio resources can fill a wheelbarrow or two and his popularity is on the increase as well, some of it good press, some of it illegitimate bad press.

The other blogs I read on a regular basis (depends on how often the author publishes) are many. You can view them in the blogroll on the sidebar of your screen and I recommend them all or else they would not be there, but let me share a little bit about some of them.

Feminagirls is a wonderful blog written for women, by a handful of women, but that doesn’t mean guys can’t read it. How else am I supposed to understand and minister to my wife better!?

Informing the Reforming by Tim Challies is a great resource because he is an excellent book reviewer and a critical thinker about technology and ethics. He also publishes an “internet round-up” so-to speak, of interesting and important articles. Challies is also on the hunt for good book deals and he usually lets you know what he finds daily.

Don’t Stop Believing is authored by my professor of theology at seminary. Always a good read. Be sure to check out his books too, they are pastoral and necessary. Another blog from a seminary professor is Head, Heart, Hand. Dr. David Murray is a critical thinker with some sound exegesis. Murray has produced some fine study resources and authored a few books.

Albert Mohler Jr., from The Briefing podcast also manages a blog. His posts are more along the lines of essays engaging critical cultural issues. He does not publish everyday, but when he does publish it is worth the read.

And finally, I read The Kuyperian Commentary which is a blog with many contributors (16 of them I think) with delightful topics. This resource will keep you interested for days.

I hope these recommendations help. Most of them have a subscription option and updates will be sent to your inbox. This is how I filter which ones to read and give my attention to. 

Just remember that blogs are useful. They can pack a lot of information in a small space. They can be saved and archived to your computer, printed and given away, or used as a resource for your own personal study. I do not read everything these blogs publish (except DeYoung and Wilson), because I do not have the time, and I know what the dangers are if I try to make the time. Blogs should be considered a secondary resource, and the Scriptures your primary resource. If you (or I) are spending more time reading this guy or that gal, rather than the Bible, our hearts might be in the wrong place. We are to meditate on the law of God day and night, not the latest blogger, or blogging fiasco.



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