Shake Up and Wake Up

Many of you know that it is the anniversary of Roe v. Wade and the blogosphere and social media are replete with feminists advocating the slaughter of living tissue and Christians advocating against the murder of image bearers. So, I thought I would do a little round up.

These blogs are emotional to be sure, but they are emotional because of truth. Truth is the only guide to our emotions. The notion that we wear our heart on our sleeves is sort of silly. We hang our heart on the truth of God. Scriptures ought to guide our feelings. Scripture brings us to our knees as we acknowledge the depths of our sin, yes, in our hearts. Scripture calls us to repent. Scripture calls us to mortify ourselves to live in obedience to God’s law. These authors exemplify that. They call sin what it is, sin. Read through some of these. Also, I encourage you to watch the documentary linked last. It is an hour documentary that hits home. The faithful need to be that, faithful. If we believe that abortion is murder, that it is sin, that it is offensive to the Giver of Life, we need to say so. So, say so.

Abortion and the American Conscience” from Albert Mohler Jr. Also, listen to his podcast from today, here.

When Does Life Begin?” is a video from R.C. Sproul worthy of your time.

How God Healed Me from My Abortion” Kevin DeYoung recounts a heartening story of redemption.

Bombshell Documentary: ‘Babies are Murdered Here‘” is an article discussing the documentary linked below.

Here is the link to the documentary “Babies are Murdered Here“, you can view the documentary for free today, so go ahead, get shaken and wake up.


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