Get A Grip

Commenting on 1 Samuel 27:1-28:2 Dale Ralph Davis writes,

“…you must get a grip on grace. The Bible does not claim that God’s servants are dipped in Clorox so they will be infallibly sin-free and attractive to you. The living God does not have clean material to work with. And don’t get sentimental when you sing hymns about the Potter and the clay; remember it’s only sinful (i.e., sin-full) clay the Potter works with. We should not criticize the Potter because of the clay but rather marvel that he stoops to work with such stuff. As long as we wallow (however subtle) in some idea of human worthiness we will never understand the Bible, never tremble before this God, and never delight in this God. We must get a grip on grace. Maybe a God-less text can do that for us.” 1 Samuel: Looking on the Heart, 287.


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