A Smattering of Goodies (July)

I know, I know, I am a little behind. This post is only 18 days late, and you have my apologies. Hopefully all the free goodness will make up for the delay.

Logos has their free book of the month out, The Righteousness of Faith According to Luther. This book looks to be a brief and edifying read, especially if you enjoy Martin Luther.

ChristianAudio is giving away another free download, The Lion of Babylon. This book is a work of fiction, and if you are interested in international political intrigue with a dash of make believe apocalyptic, then this may be the book for you. I have not read it, so I cannot vouch for its orthodoxy, or warn you of its heresy (if there is any). As with any Christian fiction, just remember it is not Scripture.

Ligonier has two awesome freebies for you. The first is Jesus the Evangelist, a free book to download (also available in iTunes). I have been reading this book the past couple of days and I am very grateful for its contents. Get it, read it, and be encouraged to be salt and light. I plan on giving this book a review when I finish.

The other bit of awesomeness from Ligonier is the potential to win 200 copies of Everyone is a Theologian for your church. It would be silly not to enter this drawing! Make your pastor happy and enter as many times as you can.

Here is a little promo for the book, enjoy!


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