I Am Not Ashamed…Of This Sales Pitch

Coming this fall Reformation Heritage Books is releasing a wonderful study Bible, the Reformation Heritage King James Study Bible. The biblical text is the KJV, and the study notes reflect the historical reformed tradition as they attempt to encompass robust biblical theology. The study Bible, despite what you may think at first, will be a warm and thought provoking exploration of God’s Word. When I looked at the list of contributors, I was pleasantly surprised for a couple reasons. I “know” some of the contributors through their writings, and speaking engagements. God has used some of these men to shape my mind and heart to love Him and His Word more deeply. Another reason that I am excited about this study Bible is that the contributors are reformed. I find myself in other study Bibles reading certain notes that take a middle approach on some very important readings, usually around Romans 9-11, for example. This will not happen in this study Bible, we will receive the Reformed understanding of Scripture, through the lens of covenant, and these guys know what they are talking about.

The feature that most excites me is appended at the end of each chapter for Personal and Family Devotions. Admit it, dads. We all need help here. Now we can have a family Bible that will help us in drawing out, and pouring in, the faith to our families. You can find out more about this study Bible at the website, here and you can look at the different editions of the Reformation Heritage Study Bible, here.  Also, make sure to watch the video below.


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