A Smattering of Goodies (September)

There are some good freebies out there for us this month, along with some insightful blog articles. Check them out.

Ligonier is giving away the ebook, Welcome to a Reformed Church: A Guide for Pilgrims by Daniel Hyde. I have not read this book by Pastor Hyde, but I have read some other literature by him and I recommend those to you as well, Jesus Loves the Little Children, and God in Our Midst

Logos is giving away Living the Dream: Joseph for TodayI have not read this book, nor have I read anything by Peter Wilcox, so move forward with discernment. 

Christianaudio has a free download every month, and this month is a real treasure. Christianaudio is giving away Francis A. Schaeffer’s book How Should We Then Live? You might want to download this, and then listen a couple times. 

It doesn’t take much research to show that the birthrate in America is desperately low. This has profound effects on, well, on everything. Here is one article on The Right Way to Promote Fruitfulness in the Church that we should take to heart. The American dream has taught us that children are a burden, but Scripture teaches the exact opposite. 

Dr. Mike Wittmer gives some encouragement and points out an inherent contradiction in the non-discrimination discriminators. Take a look, and be bold knowing that Jesus is indeed dangerous. Are We Dangerous?

For your visual enjoyment, I offer this:


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