Reformation Day Roundup

Reformation Day is upon us. Yes, of course I know it is Halloween too. Go and dress your kids up as their favorite superhero or animal, load them up on a bucket full of candy and praise the Lord. Ok, now back to Reformation Day and a little Roundup.

Here is an answer to a couple myths you may have concerning the Reformation, Reformation Myths, Part 1Be on the look out for Part 2.

Ligonier is in a generous spirit. Instead of their normal $5 Friday sale, which is also very generous, they are having a Free Reformation Day Friday with a good handful of digital resources for free. Go get ’em.

I also would like to recommend a way for you to have the Reformers with you every day as you read God’s Word. Reformation Heritage has released a wonderful new study Bible called The Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible. Below, you will find a short video illustrating this study Bible’s features. You can also find out more about this Bible here.

There is also webpage that you can access with loads of Reformed material: theology, historical documents, Bible study tools, and even free digital books from the Reformers and the Puritans. You can find all of this at

One final thing, I have updated my Recommended Books page. Go give it a look.


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