A Smattering of Goodies (December)

I have been waiting a little longer to post the regular monthly gathering of goodies to see what stragglers I can round up, but I have to let you know of Ligonier’s $5 Friday Sale, and the offer of R.C. Sproul Jr.’s teaching series on Suffering and the Sovereignty of God. Seriously, go get it.

Also, I should mention Ligonier’s study of American Christian theology, called The State of Theology. It is disheartening, and the only way I can respond is to call ministers of the Word to repent and be the men God has called them to be. Click here to print the report.

Christianaudio.com is giving away Pastor John Piper’s Advent book, The Dawning of Indestructible Joy as a free audio download. Here is the free PDF download from DesiringGod.

Logos has a commentary on the book of Genesis, Opening Up Genesis, for free this month. I do not know much about the series the book is in, nor its author. Logos has recently released Logos 6, if you do not have a Bible software program, this is looking pretty good.

Westminster Bookstore has “always” had their ESV Bible’s 50% off. I say “always” because I don’t remember when they did not have them on sale, but this deeply discounted sale will be ending the first week of January. You can check out their entire stock, their staff picks, and my recommendation.


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