The Kingdom Come

I have continually compared what occurs in Acts 2, the outpouring of the Spirit giving languages to the disciples they did not know, to what occurs in Genesis 11, where everyone spoke in the same tongue and God confused their languages. I think this is a valid connection to make. God, through the Gospel of Jesus Christ is reversing the Tower of Babel experience. However, as we should expect from God’s Word, there are many more connections to make.

Go read Exodus 19 and Exodus 32 and then read Acts 2. Now, lets draw some parallels and see what that tells us. In Exodus we read of God forming His nation after He redeemed them from slavery in Egypt. God is bringing His Kingdom in to the world by the Israelites. He brings them to Mount Sinai to receive His Law as their King. On that mountain, which represents an altar, God’s fire and smoke come down with loud noises from heaven (Exodus 19:9, 16, 18). Then in Exodus 20, God speaks giving His Law, what we call the 10 Commandments. Farther along, with Moses back up on the mountain with God in Exodus 32 we read about Israel falling into idolatrous worship by creating a god for themselves, a golden calf. Moses comes down from the mountain and 3,000 men are slain for the disobedience of the nation (Exodus 32:28).

Now, in Acts 2 we have the Disciples hiding in an upper room where a mighty rushing wind and loud sounds from heaven come down (Acts 2:2). Then fire comes down from heaven, and instead of resting on a mountain, or an altar, the fire from heaven rests on another piece of dirt, man (Acts 2:3; Genesis 2:7). Just like in Exodus, we have God coming down from heaven and resting about to deliver His Word. Next, Peter delivers that Word by preaching the Scriptures and expounding the Gospel (Acts 2:14-40), and then something magnificent happens in the very next verse. Luke tells us, “Then those who gladly received his word were baptized; and that day about three thousand souls were added to them.” In Exodus, 3,000 people were slain because of idolatrous worship and now in Acts 3,000 people were killed again.

Yes, you read that right. In both places 3,000 people died. In Exodus the people were killed by the sword. In Acts the people were killed in their baptisms (Romans 6:1-5).

God does not rest on an altar, or a mountain any longer. He rests, through His Spirit, upon His children. You and I are the altars of God where the Holy Spirit dwells, and just as Peter shows us how to fulfill the Great Commission of Matthew 28:18-20, so too must we kill the nations by drawing them to the One True King through the preaching of the Word and baptism. The Kingdom has come.


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