Victory Over ISIS

The Islamic State is evil. This is easy to document and if you doubt this claim, just head over to Google and search for what ISIS is doing currently. However, aside from the international news, I have it on good authority that ISIS is wicked, “He that is not with Me is against Me” (Luke 11:23a). There you have it. Any entity or individual not with Jesus is in rebellion against Jesus, and a very glaring example of this wickedness is the Islamic State. This is inherently a moral issue.

This is not merely a moral issue. Here we have a very large group of militant Muslims setting themselves at war with the world. I am not taking this discussion in a political sense, but in a theological one. However, the theological reality of the universe is that Jesus is Lord. Since Jesus is Lord, this means that Christians are necessarily political, because our Lord is King. But my politics are rather simple, submit to the King. Those who do not submit to the King will be handled like any good king would handle rebellious people in his kingdom. Add on top of that the fact that these rebellious cowards are attacking the loyal citizens of the King, His vengeance will be a sorer punishment upon them than any beheading they can perpetrate.

But this is not just political. This is deeply and personally relational. The global church is the Bride of Christ. Jesus is not just our King that will bring justice against criminal scoundrels, but He is a jealous Husband who will do what any husband would do when his wife is murdered. If you are a husband reading this, what would you do if some men dressed in black kidnapped your wife, kept her hostage, and eventually beheaded her because she loves you? Take your wrath and multiply it exponentially and you will just begin to understand the wrath our Husband has against those who attack His Bride. They will call out for the mountains to cover them rather than meeting the wrath of the Christ.

Not only is this issue moral, political, and relational it is ultimately what is to be expected. The sinfulness of man should not surprise us. It ought to greatly grieve us, to be sure, but we should not be surprised by wickedness (Matthew 5:10-12). I titled this post “Victory Over ISIS” and victory is what we have. Victory is what the 21 beheaded Coptic Christians have. The blood of the saints is never spilled in vain, but always for the growth and forward movement of the church (1 Peter 4:18-19). Stephen was martyred and the church went to the corners of world (Acts 7:54-8:1).

This is not to say that there is victory in death. Death is always the enemy, death is always the curse of sin. But we have victory over death. When those who belong to Christ die, they live. When those who rebel against Christ die, they perish. Those brothers and sisters on bent knees with blades hovering over their necks are in apparent defeat, but the victory is theirs, because they are Christ’s. Those parasitic cowards wielding the blades apparently have the victory, but theirs is defeat. When those blades met flesh, those belonging to Christ overcame.


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