Giving In Is Faithlessness 

Either God is right or He isn’t. If He is, and He is, then His Words are good and life-giving. If we say that the Word is not right, we are then saying that God is wrong. When the creature tells its Creator that He is wrong, we find ourselves right back in the Garden with the high-handed sin that plunged everything into darkness and death. “Did God really say?” Wink wink. 

By not giving in we remain faithful. By not giving in we show our trust in the Gospel knowing that it is the power of God unto salvation. 

The opposite of open and affirming is not closed and condemning, but rather faithful churches are open to all who come to Christ in repentance. 

By not giving in we are proclaiming the goodness and power of God. His goodness in that He sees sins as they really are, not like we often see them as mere trifles, He sees them as death decaying into the grave of judgment. His goodness is that He knows how bad sin is, and He did something about it. 

He sent His Son, the only One without sin, into that grave to banish the curse, triumph over the Father of Lies, and to ensure everlasting life for His church. This is how good God is. 

By not giving in we proclaim God’s power to do what He promised: the whole earth will be filled with His glory. This means the end of sin, not by calling sin not sin, but by killing sin. This means that His holiness will bring life out of the grave. 

The earth, once a wasteland, is being watered by the holiness of God in Christ turning all the valleys of dry bones into regiments of life-giving righteous warriors. 

We can’t give in. We may suffer, it is certain. It may even look like we are losing, but we can’t lose, even if our lives are taken, because this is how we win. This is how Jesus won…and He didn’t give in. 

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