What Kind Of King?

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday, the Lord’s Day that we celebrate His entry into Jerusalem before His crucifixion. It is a familiar story to many. Jesus has His disciples (two of them) go off the Mount of Olives and enter a city to retrieve a donkey. They do, and Jesus gets on the donkey and they head toward Jerusalem. The people shout “Hosanna!” as Jesus enters the city while they lay their coats and palm fronds on the road in front of Him. Jesus enters the Temple and flips some tables and throws out the corrupt rabble making the house of prayer for the nations into a den of robbers. Jesus also goes out of the city and curses a fig tree from the roots to the branches. You can read this account in Matthew 21:1-22Mark 11:1-26, Luke 19:28-48, and John 12:12-19.

There is a bunch going on here, and I mean a bunch. We have a donkey, a city (the city), a Temple, coats and palm fronds on the road, the Mount of Olives, money changers, Pharisees, Gentiles, disciples, and so on. Each has their place and each point to the truth of who Christ is, what He came to fulfill and what He came to accomplish. But I want to elaborate on one point.

One thing that Jesus’s entry into Jerusalem shows us is that Jesus is King. Most Christians affirm this, but when they affirm this there is unbiblical notion that Jesus is King of heaven. This is true, but only half true and a half biblical truth is not a full biblical truth. Jesus is King in heaven and on earth.

The secular world is fine with Jesus being King of heaven. Good, He can stay up there. He can be King of your heart, He can even be King of the pew, but they don’t want Him anywhere else. The secularists are fine with Jesus being the King of the Invisible. The truth is that Jesus is King of heaven and earth. He did not come from heaven to earth to be King of heaven. He came from heaven to earth to be King of heaven and earth.

This doesn’t mean that Jesus is merely the King of the invisible realms, but He is the King of every single atom on earth and each moon that revolves around Neptune. He is not merely King of your heart, but He is King of your hands and each hair on your head. He is not just King of the church pew, but He is King of your front lawn and the kitchen sink, and the water coming out of the kitchen sink. He is King of your wallet, and the money inside. He is King of the grocery store and the groceries, and the truck drivers who brought them there, the workers who loaded the trucks, the farmers who grew the groceries, the animals and trees our groceries come from (and don’t forget the bees that pollinate the trees and the pollen, He is King of those too), and the business men who organized it all so you could have a fruit basket. Jesus is even King of your fruit basket and for all those in the secular world that want to relegate Jesus merely to heaven, your heart, or the pew their ignorance is not simply ignorance. It is rebellion.

When the Jews in Jerusalem rejected the authority of the King, He promised woe over them that they would be destroyed, and quite literally they were. In 70 AD Rome sacked Jerusalem and tore down the Temple, because Jesus is King over Jerusalem and Rome. Here is the truth: rejection of the King of heaven has consequences on earth because He is King of the earth and all that it contains.

This Palm Sunday choose whom you will serve. You have three options, but only one will save. Either choose to serve an idol of this world (Mammon, Caesar, or yourself), or choose to serve Jesus King of all Floaty Things, or choose to serve the one true King of heaven and earth.


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