Samuel, Solomon, Jesus, Paul

I am a fan of connecting the Bible with the Bible. It gets me all sorts of excited when the threads of Scripture are woven to show a glorious picture that spans millenia. Before we get to that connection today, I ought to remind us all that the whole Bible is a tapestry of Christ; it is for Him, by Him, to Him, and about Him (Luke 24:27, 44-47).

This type of understanding is called typology. Here is an example, David fighting Goliath being a true historic event, is nonetheless a type, a picture, of Jesus defeating Satan. Boaz caring for, and redeeming, Ruth is a picture of Christ caring for, and redeeming, His bride, the church. Jonah preaching to the Gentiles is a type of Christ preaching to the nations. All of these events happened in history, and God has orchestrated history in such a way to give us a fuller image of Christ through connected meanings.

So, here is another one. In 1 Samuel 2:26, we read that the boy Samuel was growing in the stature and in favor both with man and God. Samuel, after he was weaned, was given to service of ministry before the Lord with the priest Eli. Eli was blind, literally and spiritually, and yet Samuel was ministering before Yahweh and growing in multiple ways, chief among them being stature and favor with God and man. This is a blessing, and a gift of God.

Then we read in Proverbs 3:1-4 the same thing. This time it is from the wisdom of Solomon being handed down to his son. Remember that Solomon was the king whose wisdom was internationally recognized, 1 Kings 10:1-6. Here, Solomon expresses that adherence to wisdom, godly wisdom, the kind of wisdom that directs the heart and the body for the glory of God. This kind of wisdom, Solomon says, will bring favor and good repute in the sight of God and man.

Then we get Luke 2:52 and read that Jesus continued to increase in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man. Jesus, like Samuel, is ministering before the Lord as a young boy, and He is increasing in favor with God and man, just as Samuel. Samuel became a prophet of the Lord and delivered God’s Word to His people, in blessings and curses. Jesus is The Prophet who brings the final revelation from God to His people in blessings and curses.

Jesus is the also the true Son of Wisdom as He traveled with the Law of God on His heart guiding His actions. He is greater than Samuel the prophet, and Solomon the king. Jesus is the True Prophet and the True King exhibiting true heavenly wisdom.

Then we get to Romans 14:16-18 and read from Paul that we are not to call what is good evil (and by necessity we cannot call what is evil good) because the Kingdom of God is concerned with righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. Paul says that by doing this, by being a spiritual person (i.e. being obedient to the Spirit) a person is serving Christ and he shall be acceptable before God and man.

Here is the point. All the Word of God is fulfilled and manifested in Christ, all the Wisdom of God is fulfilled and manifested in Christ, and when we are obedient to the Spirit of Christ we will experience what Christ experienced. This sort of wisdom and obedience will bring an increase in favor with God and man. The second category is the area we must take notice of because the group of people that will find us acceptable is the group of people that are thinking the thoughts of God.

The faithful church believed the word of Samuel, the unfaithful rejected his word. The faithful church pursued the wisdom of Solomon, the unfaithful rejected the wisdom of the king. The faithful church shouted, “Hosanna in the highest!” at the reception of Christ, and the unfaithful screeched, “Crucify Him!”

When we pursue the life of the Kingdom we will be accepted by God and praised by God’s people and this is a good thing. This also means that we will be despised by the seed of the Serpent, and this too is a good thing.


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