Jesus Christ, Dragonslayer

My son is two and a half and he is beginning to associate scary things with fear. On occasion he will be playing with some cars on the kitchen floor, then, out of nowhere, he will shriek and run to his room yelling, “Monsters coming!” and then he will dive on his bed and hide in a blanket. Part of this is his desire to be chased, he is a little boy after all, but another part of this is learning to be afraid of the right things.

One day he yelled, “Dadad! Come! Monsters coming!” and he ran down the hall. I joined him in his fleeing and we flew into his bed and were under the covers face to face. I then, in my machismo and bravado, proceeded to tell my son that Dad would not let any monster get him because I would kill them all. He smiled at me and I smiled at him. Then I repented.

I don’t want my son to trust his dad to protect him from monsters (although I will do my best to kill them all). I want him to trust the One who has already defeated the greatest monster. I uncovered the blanket from us and I said, “Judah, did you know that Jesus beat the biggest monster there ever was?”

“Jeju beat?” he asked.

“That’s right. Jesus battled the biggest, nastiest dragon in the world, and He won. Jesus wins.” I went on to tell him that he never needs to be afraid of monsters because Jesus has beaten the dragon, and his name is the Devil.

“Jeju beat devil.” That’s right, son.

Now my son, with a smile on his face, yells, “Monsters coming! Jeju beat dragon! Jeju win!”

There. Now, his trust is in the right person.


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