Pentecost Snippets Part 2

If you have not read through Acts 2 yet, I recommend that you do, I think it will be helpful as we carry on with this little bit here. For this little installment, we are focusing on Acts 2:1-4. Here, in these verses, the Holy Spirit is poured down from heaven upon the Apostles as fire upon their heads.

Now let me remind you that man is dirt (Genesis 2:7), and let me also remind you that God’s altars are piles of dirt that man was not allowed to change (Deuteronomy 27:6 and Exodus 20:25). Without extending this as far as we could, let us also be reminded simply that altars represent God’s people. His church has always been the place where His presence was meant to dwell.

Let’s add a couple more stones to the pile. Whenever there was a sacrifice upon one of God’s altars, it was His fire that consumed the animal. God’s fire came down from heaven to eat it up (2 Chronicles 7:1-4). We are also told that God’s Word is fire (Jeremiah 23:29), and that Jesus would come to baptize with fire (Matthew 3:11) which is directly connected to the Holy Spirit.

And here we are in Acts 2 with fire from heaven resting on human altars. This is, after all, why Paul calls us to be living sacrifices (Romans 12:1). Christ was the final sacrifice on the altar (the cross). In His death, we died. We are the altar and we are also a sacrifice. In His death, we have died. But not only that, we are living sacrifices (Romans 6:1-11). We are burning altars carrying about in this world the fire of God. The Holy Spirit is ours because we are His. Emmanuel.



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