Pentecost Snippets Part 4

This is the fourth installment in a little series, and instead of clicking the back button you can find the other posts here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

In this little bit I would like to connect a link between what is happening at Pentecost to what occurred in a very similar way, although pagan, in the book of Genesis.

Here at Pentecost (Acts 2:1-13) we have people from all the nations of the world gathered around the Apostles because they heard a mighty rushing wind. When the people gather they can all hear what the Apostles are preaching in their own languages, and they are utterly amazed (although some mock). Essentially, there is a unity of language because they are all hearing the praise of God in the same lip (praise of God).

The contrasting story took place a few millennia before in the land of Shinar (Genesis 11:1-9). We know this as the story of the Tower of Babel. At Shinar all the people gathered together, with one language, and decided to make a name for themselves by building a tower to reach the heavens. The Lord does not like this, and so He confuses their language and scatters the nations.

At Pentecost we have a reverse of the Tower of Babel. At Pentecost God has created a new human race with one language, with one lip, giving praise to God through Jesus Christ. In the old world God scattered and confounded the nations, and in the new world God pulls the nations together into a singular priesthood. In this new creation there is not a tower to heaven, but a person. Humanity did not rise up into heaven, but God descended into creation. The new human race has not made a name for themselves above all names, but we have joined the Name above all names.

At Pentecost the confounded human race is being destroyed by entering into the death of Christ, and being reassembled, resurrected, in the life of Christ (Romans 6:1-11).



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