Pentecost Snippets Part 6

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In Acts 2, we have God giving His Holy Spirit to the church. I have been looking at what this means throughout the Bible in various aspects of biblical theology, and in this post I want to point out how this reality has changed the church today. The trinitarian aspect of Pentecost has made the church glorious, follow me here.

The Father is the member of the Godhead that gives personhood to His image bearers. He is the one who made us, and knit us together in our mother’s wombs. He is the one who orders and numbers our days. He is the one to whom we pray as His children. It is because God is Father that we are called sons and daughters.

The Son, the second person of the Trinity, is the Word of God. He is the one that speaks all of creation into existence and it is through Him that all of creation exists. It is by the power of His Word that the cosmos is held together. It is His Word which brings judgment and calamities. It is His Word that strikes as a hammer breaking hearts of stone.

The Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity, is the breath of God. He moves wherever He wills. He was sent by the Father and the Son. He brings fire upon God’s people to make them living sacrifices. He converts souls and gives gifts. He is the bond, the link, between believers throughout the world and through history. He is also the cable stretching from heaven to earth. By faith, He lifts us up to Christ and in Him we commune with our Head.

Take these three persons of the Godhead together and what do you get? Well, in the first place we have the Father calling people to the church and identifying them as His. Then we have the Word upon which the church is founded, the Word upon which the church gains victory or fails, the Word by which salvation is known. And then we have the Spirit, the breath of God poured out upon the church.

What do you get when you have people, word, and breath?


The church is necessarily, therefore, a singing church proclaiming the glorious Word through song. This is our privilege and delight that we sing God’s Word, and as we sing faith becomes sturdier, hearts are knit together, God is glorified, and the world is changed. A glorious, flaming, singing bride submitting and giving all honor and praise to her Husband will move empires. This is God’s gift and we need to believe it (2 Chronicles 20:14-30).


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