Why God Made A Man And A Woman

I have embarked in teaching a class on God and Human Sexuality. This Lord’s Day will be the second session and I am teaching on why God created man and woman. Here is a little excerpt from my notes on one reason why God made a man and a woman.

The church is the Bride of Christ. That means that Christ is our Husband.

Now, He is the new Adam, and we are the new Eve (Romans 5:12-18 and 1 Corinthians 15:45). Our Husband has battled the Serpent and we are His helpers. Christ’s garden is not one spot, but the whole earth. So, what is the church doing? Waiting around to get raptured out? No. We are being fruitful, we are multiplying, and we are taking dominion (Genesis 1:28).

The thread of sexual complementarity runs straight through the Scriptures, and it helps define the very reason for creation and all of history.

The Gospel can be summarized like this: The Prince comes forth out of His castle to slay the ancient Dragon, rescue His Bride, and establish His Kingdom.

Read Ephesians 5:28-33. Now, after all that do you think the differences God has established between men and women are gone? Or are do they still apply in the church and in the home?

This is why women are not permitted to be ministers and elders. The minister and the elder represent Christ. They are the judges of the church, they discipline the church, they lead the church, and they bring the Word of God to the church. Those are all roles of Christ, and the husband, the man, is a picture of Christ and the wife, the woman, is a picture of the church.

Remember in Genesis 3:8 when God came into the garden in a whirlwind and He calls out for Adam and Eve. Well, Adam should have come huffing and puffing around the corner with a bloody club in one hand and his bride in the other saying, “Sorry, Lord. I had to kill a dragon.”

Eve was not called to kill the dragon, Adam was (Genesis 2:15, tend and keep, cultivate and guard). Eve is too glorious to get bloody. The church was not called to battle the Devil on Mount Golgotha, her Husband, Jesus was. The church is too glorious.

We do not fight our battles and seek earthly revenge, because vengeance is of the Lord. The Husband, does the dirty work. The wife glorifies His efforts.

So, why did God make man and woman? Man and woman together is marriage, because Christ and His church is marriage.


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