In The Light Of Death

As the Planned Parenthood sting videos continue to come out and the internet fracas continues to boil (and rightly so), I can say that as I father, I have been thinking about my children differently. This is one of those “farther up and farther in” sorta deals. I love my children and praise God for giving them into my care and for baptizing them into His Church. This love, appreciation, and heart-bursting gratitude is going farther up and farther in as I look at the childless landscape of America.

Last night, my eight month old daughter crawled across the floor to where I was laying down and she climbed up on my chest and nested her adorable little face under my chin. Then my 2 year old son in the play room across the way shouted, “Dada! All us!” And he raced across the house and snuggled in my arm and laid his head on my chest and put his arm across his little sister. Glory.

This moment didn’t last nearly as long as I hoped before my son asked for the music to be turned on…but then we laughed, chased each other, and danced.

Then I remembered this from God’s Word,

Out of the mouth of babies and infants,
You have established strength because of Your foes,
    to still the enemy and the avenger. Psalm 8:2

Here I am, with my kids, my kids with all their organs (not for sale!), giving praise to God, and God says, “These are My weapons to overcome the schemes of death.” There is my little girl squealing with glee as her brother tickles her, and the demons flee.

There is my son asking to sing, “Praise God!” and we lift our meager voices in the Doxology, and the strongholds of the enemy are being torn down.

God says that our children, the children of the covenant baptized into His Triune Name, punch the Devil in his smug face. Why?

Because they are His. Because they are breathing.

Praise God.


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