Warriors of the Lord of Hosts

In my previous post I discussed that the squealing glee of a covenant infant is a weapon in the hands of God to destroy the powers of the enemy arrayed against Christ and His Kingdom. Psalm 8:2 shows us that covenant children are warriors in a battle. This may seem odd to many Christian parents for various reasons, namely two: the loss of the understanding of covenant which extends to our children (Acts 2:39), and the loss of the reality of warfare which began at Genesis 3:15.

With these things in mind, it is evident that our children, even in the womb (Jeremiah 1:5; Luke 1:41), are able recipients of God’s gift of faith, and that they are enrolled in the army of the King of Christ through baptism. The praise of our children is heard by God and useful for battle. And I think that this helps us to understand our role as parents.

Our children are active agents in the church and in the world, no matter their age, because it is God working through them. It is our task, as parents, to continue to train them to obey Christ, the Captain of the Host. This means we disciple them with diligence according to God’s Word. When Planned Barrenhood and gay mirage are the law of the land, the best thing that Christians can have are faithful and holy marriages, and faithful and obedient children.

We have to remember that the Devil hates children, which is evident throughout the Bible as he tries to kill the children of the church. Two well known cases would be Pharaoh decreeing that Israelite boys would be thrown in the Nile as soon as they are born and the other is when Herod went to Bethlehem to slaughter the baby boys as he chases down the Messiah.

In a nation that has similar views of children as the Devil (those little problems to be exterminated), the one thing we can do as parents is to begin to understand how God sees our children. They may be His strongest weapons in this battle precisely because they are so weak (2 Corinthians 12:9).


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