From Glory to Glory…And Pickles

The other day, just before lunch, I brought my son out to the backyard and we picked a cucumber, brought it inside, washed it, and sliced it. I placed a slice of cucumber on my son’s plate and on the other side of the plate was a pickle. My wife saw this as a good opportunity to teach our two-year old that pickles are cucumbers. And of course, she is right.

Then, I hijacked her teaching moment. I waxed eloquently about how the transition of a cucumber to a pickle is an aspect of postmillennial dominion. God has given us a glorious gift, those cool cucumbers, and we, as His image bearers, have taken that gift of glory and brought it to more glory. From glory to glory the cucumber goes.

The cucumber, my precious family, is like the old world in Adam. It is good and glorious, but it is not as good as it could be. The new world, the new humanity in Christ is like the pickle. The old world is being transformed into a new world, and yet, the new world is not totally disparate from the old. New men are not different in substance from the old men, they are still men, but they have been given glory through the work of Christ and baptism in the Name of God.

Family, this is the progression of history through the Lordship of Jesus. Glory to glory, old to new.

Then my wife rolled her eyes.



  1. Brian Schultz · · Reply

    I couldn’t resist asking: Did you also explain that for the cucumber to go from glory to glory it had to be boiled and then soaked in an acidic environment for a lengthy peroid of time? (Could be another metaphor in there somewhere, but sometimes a tougher one to swallow, no pun intended).

    Hope you are all doing well – Brian Schultz

    1. Yes! I considered that aspect of the pickling process being time and suffering, sort of like death and resurrection and suffering to glory, however I am not certain of the mechanics of pickling and therefore did not feel as though theological analogy could sustain my ignorance if my two-year old challenged me on that particular point.

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