All Covered In Blood

Watch this video,

One of the best things that we can do as Christians is to get the wicked to defend their wickedness. Show the supporters of Planned Barrenhood this video and ask them to defend the organization. The best offense for Christians right now is offense. So, get to work.

As you get to work shutting down the murder-mills you will most likely come across some abortion supporters who put forward false dilemmas and ethical canards and all the rest, so here is a little rundown of what I have come across with brief answers to each one.

It’s 2015 and abortion is legal, deal with it.
I have heard this argument and it is rather silly. If time is all it takes to change ethics, then Hitler should have just waited. Murder is murder no matter the year.

The woman has the right to choose, it’s her body.
The baby is not her body. The baby is a person and has its own body, with its own organs, and its own DNA. People do not have the right to do whatever they want with their bodies anyway. Prostitution is illegal, for example. A person cannot walk down the street naked. You can’t decide to drive over the speed limit because it is your body moving through the air. No one has the authority to murder another person. And no one has the authority to place more value on another human being than any other. This is what the Nazis did in their extermination campaign. This is what the slave traders all throughout history have done to anyone not like them. Planned Barrenhood and its supporters are right in line with the pagan barbarism of history all covered in blood.

What about when the mother’s life is in danger?
Then we do our best to save both lives. A doctor is a minister of life, not a minister of death. Saving both lives cannot always happen, but that does not mean we turn to murder. We have to remember that it is not a sin to die, but it is a sin to murder. Read this excerpt from the AMA in 1871 on the issue of abortion

What about a baby conceived through the crime of rape?
The baby is not the criminal. Neither is the mother. They are both victims. The one who should be put to death is the rapist. Should the mother suffer the consequences of the man’s sins perpetrated against her? To alleviate the suffering of sin, we do not commit more sin. We turn to the Gospel. To cover up the sins we commit and the sins committed against us we do not sacrifice our children no matter how they became our children. We look to the Beloved Son who was sacrificed in our place. I have a friend who was conceived because of a rape, and his mother refused to have an abortion. He is now a pastor.

What if it is an unwanted pregnancy?
If you don’t want to have children then don’t have sex. Our sexual “liberty” in the bedroom are not liberties that permit murder because we don’t want the burden of children. Children are the fruit of a marital union which is the lawful place for sex. You don’t want a baby with your boyfriend? Don’t have sex with him. If you’re married and don’t want children, repent.

Is there a time when an abortion can be permitted?
No. Murder is always wrong.


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